Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sample Student Projects

Hey all,

So we have wrapped up in Sahn Malen and I am home right now. It's been a great two months and I'm looking forward to going back some day already. Thanks to all of you who have been reading our blogs.

The project for us, however, is hardly over. We've merely moved into phase II of the project which will include continuous support, technical and otherwise, to the team in Sahn Malen, fundraising and scouting out opportunities for further expansion of the project.

As I said, the children were already making great progress with their XOs and I have some sample projects that I thought I would share. We will be using this blogspace to keep uploading projects from students in Sahn throughout the year.

1. 9 years old Eva and 12 years old Fanta recorded a local song in Mende using the Record activity. Eva and Fanta are in class 3 and 5 respectively and Eva is the girl in the foreground:

2. Francis Jibrilla, one of our younger peer tutors, uses paint for this masterpiece:

3. Abie Mustafa, house:

4. Mohammad Jalloh, another one of our peer tutors from JSS III, makes Jacob look prettier than he actually is(combination of Record and Paint):

5. Fatmata George, another one of our budding singers from class 3:

6. Now for my favorite project from the summer: One of the peer tutor groups decided to(admissibly with some egging from us) do a project related to malaria, since it was such a buzz in the village over the summer(because of our parallel malaria nets project; for more, check out the updates in the top-right corner of this page). In the beginning, the peer tutor, Mohammad Jalloh, explained to his children how malaria was transferred and where and how mosquitoes breed and then the children went out in small teams to photograph potentially good mosquito-breeding sites. They used Record to do this. Afterward, they got together and explained to their peers why they thought it was a good site and what could be done to repair it. Here are some photos that they took with their XOs:

6. Sallamatu Kandeh, House (Paint):

7. Sallamatu Kandeh is the youngest(and one of the brigthest) peer tutor from JSS II. She used the Memory program on her XO to make an activity that would help her "tutees" to get to know each other better. She took a picture of each one of them and paired them with their names to create her own Memory activity. Here are some pictures:

8. Thomas Gbonnie, one of the peer tutors is teaching Alpha Sengeh how to use Record to conduct an interview:

That's it for now. But do stay tuned, we will be updating the blog throughout the year with projects that the adult leads send us over email.


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