Monday, December 20, 2010

This holiday season, give the gift of education

In 2009, we deployed 130 of these cute little sophisticated laptops at two schools in Sahn Malen, Sierra Leone. It was a bold move- introducing laptops at schools which lacked several other basic facilities- but the premise was, that by empowering children with laptops, specifically built with education in mind, we would by bypass a lot of hurdles in creating a wholesome educational experience for children in Sahn Malen.

We are happy to report that the deployment continues to be a success. Our team of two adult leads, and seven high-school students are carrying on the good work with about 130 students at the Roman Catholic and National Islamic primary schools in Sahn.

However, one year into the project, we need your support to carry on: For $4, you can support a child's education for a year by helping us continue to provide the infrastructural and technical support necessary.

Please use the PayPal button below, and don't forget to enter "OLPC" in the comments box, on the final page before you press "Donate $X now", to ensure that we redirect the money correctly.

For more details on the project, updates and pictures, check out our previous posts on this blog.

Happy holidays!