Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little about what we are doing and where we are doing it

As part of the OLPCorps setup, we are getting ~100 laptops/XOs to deploy in Sierra Leone. Ours is one of the 15 teams selected this year to deploy XOs across different coutries in Africa.

The teams will go in, distribute the laptops, take care of all the technical aspects(our chosen village, e.g., has no power or internet so we will have to deal with that; more on that later!), help the children make the most out of their machines and train peer tutors and teachers to ensure that the program continues well beyond the time we leave.

The area we chose is the village of Sahn in the Malen chiefdom of Sierra Leone. Chiefdoms are sub-administrative groups within districts of the country and in the following map, Malen is chiefdom no. 134 in the Pujehun district. Sahn subsequently is the main village in Malen.

The reason for choosing Sahn was that GMin conducted a successful and very well-received malaria-eradication project in the area in 2007. The organization enjoys good reputation with the chief of the area and the local people. I'm also attaching a layered, detailed pdf map of the Malen cheifdom done by a fellow GMin member, for those interested:

Malen Map With Layers Malen Map With Layers faaez

To find out more about Sahn Malen, check out these entertaining and insightful blog posts from GMin members who were there in 2007: GMin blog

Coming up: A glimpse of the XO itself.


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